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Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

To keep the kids hydrated all the time, we would like you to make sure your child/children have enough water, especially on the day an outdoor activity is scheduled.
Places that they can fill up their water bottles are limited. So please let them take more than one water bottle with them.
Thank you in advance.
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액티비티시에 물이 모자라는 학생들이 있습니다.
큰 물통 또는 물통과 별토 물을 갖고 오시거나 물을 많이 준비해주시기를 바랍니다.
*CPC프론트데스크 매장에서 물을 50c로 구매할 수 있습니다.

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Diamond Head Hiking: Summer Week 1, Day 5 CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hi guys!

Last Friday marked the last day of Club Keiki Program Week 1! It feels bittersweet... We, as leaders, are very happy and grateful to have seen what our kids have learned and achieved. On the other hand, we were sad because we had to say goodbye to one of our students.
We cannot to wait to see new kids as we are starting Week 2 tomorrow!


So, on Friday, we hiked Diamond Head.
Originally it was going to take more than one hour to finish the hike. However, it did not actually take even 30 minutes to walk to the top because our kids were super energetic! So glad that we were all able to see the beautiful view:))


After that, we headed to Kapiolani Park.
We were shocked when we saw Diamond head that we had just hiked. Such an accomplishment!!!


Thank you so much those who participated in our summer program in the last five days! Hope you enjoyed and learned a lot.

We cannot wait to see other kids tomorrow:))

Disney's The Little Mermaid&Kakaako Wall Art: Summer Week 1, Day 4 CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hi guys!
Today was the day I (and hopefully our kids too!) was most excited about!

We watched Disney's The Little Mermaid at Honolulu theater. The show was performed by local youth.


I'm sure that everyone's heard of the name, The Little Mermaid. We were so lucky to be able to see the show!

The show was so lovely and we simply loved it! Songs such as Under the Sea and Part of Your World got stuck in some students' heads and they keep humming them.

Audience including our kids looked super excited at soap bubbles describing bubbles underwater.

Although, the show was performed in English, they all enjoyed it since the story of The Little Mermaid is well known around the world.

Furthermore, we were able to take pictures with Ariel and Eric at the end of the show!!!

After the show, we headed to Kakaako to see Murals.


Wall arts they were so creative and fun to see. Though, they were afraid of taking pictures in front of the wall with scary ghosts.

Of course we never forget to have fun even during lunch break!


Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of Week 1!! Tomorrow we are going to somewhere you should definitely go if you visit Hawaii;)) So excited!!!

Manoa Heritage Center: Summer Week 1, Day 3 CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hello you all!

It's Friday today, which means we've finished half of CPC Hawaii Kids Program Week 1!!
Although it's been only three days, they talk, eat, and play together just like they've known one another for a long time.


Today, we visited Manoa Heritage Center.


Then, we had a tour and explored Hawaii's natural and cultural heritage.
Although, the tour was conducted in English, they tried to understand what our tour guides were saying.
They actively asked questions to one of the tour guides whose age was very similar to theirs.
(It was so sweet to see them from different countries speaking in a same language!)


After that tour, we played some Hawaiian games;)
Boys were so into Hawaiian Spinning Kukui Nut and girls enjoyed coloring with Kukui leaves.
They also played Hawaiian board game called Konane, which was like osero games.


Thanks to the knowledgeable tour guide, we learned a lot today!

It's sad that we only have two days left this week…but I'm excited to see you everyone tomorrow too!

Honolulu Police Department&Discovery Center: Summer Week 1, Day 2 CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hi guys! Thank you for coming back ;)

The first place we visited today is...

Honolulu Police Department!!!


It sounds scary, but its museum was actually fun and interesting! We watched a short video, listened to a lecture and learned the evolution of law enforcement in Hawaii.

Thanks to the officer who gave us an entertaining tour, our kids seemed to get interested in it.

Some of the kids surprised him as they pronounced English, (and even Hawaiian language) very well.

Boys were fascinated by firearms and uniforms in the museum.

At the end of tour, each of the kids told him their names and what they learned today in English.


Next place we headed was...

The Hawaii Children's Discover Center

There were exhibits related to some jobs such as a firefighter, doctor, and automotive technician.

Then we enjoyed water activities while learning how water moves in cities, some kids got wet though.


It's only been two days, but we have seen a lot of them trying to speak English!!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Mini Golf: Summer Week 1, Day 1CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hi guys!
It was our very first day, Club Keiki Summer Camp in Hawaii
Guess what we, six kids and three leaders, on this remarkable first day?

Mini Golf!!


At Bay View Mini-Putt in Kaneohe, we played 36 holes of miniature golf The sun was out but not too hot. So it was a perfect day for playing golf.


They looked nervous and shy at first, then they started to open up their minds and talked about themselves, their school, and what they liked to do...


There are two courses--LIKELIKE and PALI. Each course had some obstacles and three holes including the red, yellow, and blue. So they analyzed the course structure and decided the direction they were going to hit the ball towards. They told their leaders which one they chose in English



The Pali course was a bit more challenging for kids. Also, we were afraid that some balls the kids hit would go into the water...


But everyone was literally so good at playing golf and a lot of them surprisingly got hole in one! (some of them did multiple times)



Hope you all enjoyed lunch and English class afternoon too!


Can't wait to see you all tomorrow too

Club Keiki Staff

Author:Club Keiki Staff
Central Pacific College(CPC) Kid Program"Club Keiki" Official Blog.

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