2020년 어린이 프로그램 신청 시작했습니다!

Club Keiki 2019 Summer (48)

CPC 봄/여름방학 어린이 프로그램"Club Keiki"2019
모두 일정을 마쳤습니다.

올해는 6개국/지역(일본, 한국, 중국, 대만, 캐나다, 미국)에서 온 총75명의 학생들이 참가했습니다.
참가해주신 여러분 감사드립니다!

그리고 2020년도 일정 결정 및 신청 시작했습니다!

CPC 봄/여름방학 어린이 프로그램"Club Keiki"2020

<2020년 봄방학 프로그램>
①3/23(월) - 3/27(금) 신청마감: 3/1(일)

<2020년 5월 프로그램>
①5/4(월) - 5/8(금) 신청마감: 4/12(일)

<2020년 여름방학 프로그램>
①7/20(월) - 7/24(금) 신청마감: 6/28(일)
②7/27(월) - 7/31(금) 신청마감: 7/5(일)
③8/ 3(월) - 8/ 7(금) 신청마감: 7/12(일)
④8/10(월) - 8/14(금) 신청마감: 7/19(일)
⑤8/17(월) - 8/21(금) 신청마감: 7/26(일)

2019년 프로그램 자료는 여기서 다운로드가능합니다.

*2020년 봄/여름방학 특별할인
1. 봄방학 조기할인: 2019년 12월 31일까지 신청하면 학비 5%할인
2. 여름방학 조기할인: 2020년 4월 30일까지 신청하면 학비 5%할인
3. 이전에 Club Keiki에 참가해본적이 있으면 학비 5%할인
2. 한 명 이상의 가족과 같이 등록하면 두 번째이후 학생의 학비 5%할인
*할인은 중복사용이 안됩니다.
*기족할인은 형제자매뿐만 아니라 모자/부자유학 경우에도 적용됩니다.

정원수가 있어서 마감날보다 일찍 마감이 될 수도 있으니
바로 신청해주세요^^


Aloha Tofu Factory&Kakaako Wall Art: Summer Week 4, Day 2 CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hi guys!! It's second da of week4.

Today, we visited Aloha Tofu Factory and Kakaako Wall Arts.

At Tofu factory, we could try making Tofu and taste it!! It was really good. We learned how they make tofu.

Before we go back to the school we looked around famous wall arts in Kakaako. There were so many interesting pictures.

It was so hot outside today. But we are happy to see kids enjoying today's activities too.
See you tomorrow bye.

Waikiki Fire Station: Summer Week 4, Day 1 CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hello guys!! We are happy to announce the start of WEEK4.

How was our weekend?
We already miss some kids who left last week. But we have 4 new kids to welcome.

For the first day of WEEK4, we visited Waikiki Fire Station & Library.

Firefighter showed us some equipments they use to rescue people. Also we could look around the building of fire station.

All the kids were excited to get on the fire truck and try to hold the horse. We could learn what the job of firefighters is like.

After we left the fire station, we spend time at the library reading English books. Kids could obtain some English words.

Let's enjoy tomorrow too. See you tomorrow.

Bishop Museum: Summer Week 2, Day 3 CPC Hawaii Kids Program

Hello guys!

On Wednesday, we explored the Hawaiian history and science at Bishop Museum.

The museum has a bunch of halls or centers to visit including Richard T. Mamiya Science Adventure Center and Hawaiian hall.


At the science center, the kids learned about natural environment in Hawaii, interacting with hands-on exhibits.The museum had preserved animals and even a huge 3D model of a volcano! We never got bored:)

Then, we moved to the Hawaiian hall where the kids learned about Hawaiian history using their five senses. Both the science center and Hawaiian hall were not just fun but educational.


Before getting on the bus, we had a super fun time in the Castle Building. Between May 25th to October 27th,the exhibits of LEGO is open to visitors for a limited time only.


We enjoyed viewing LEGO works by professional artists and playing with LEGOs.
Some girls spoked to a boy in English to ask him if he wanted to play with the bricks they used. Nice try!


Hope they all had a great time:))

Thank you! 謝謝!감사합니다!



We are receiving applications for Club Keiki, from Korea, Taiwan, and other various places!
Thank you very much!!

我們現在接受從韓國, 台灣和其他各地的Club Keiki 的申請。謝謝各位!!!!

현재 일본, 한국, 대만 등등 곳곳에서 신청을 받고 있습니다. 감사합니다!


Club Keiki Staff

Author:Club Keiki Staff
Central Pacific College(CPC) Kid Program"Club Keiki" Official Blog.

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